Metals of interest:  Ag-Pb-Zn-Cu; rare earth metals (Zr, Pt, Pd)

Currently noted deposit types: skarn, quartz-sulphide veins

Description:  The Jemi Property is located over Sierra La Vasca, an island of bedrock cored by a dioritic intrusion. Flanking areas are underlain by limestones intruded by ring dykes and sills. In the Jemi area on the east side of the intrusion, grab samples from prospect pits contain elevated silver, lead, zinc and copper in skarn and quartz-sulphide veins. In the Anufo area on the northwest side of the range, narrow sills and dykes of syenite cut marble and recrystallized limestone. Many of the dykes contain an abundance of eudialyte, a zirconium silicate mineral. Limited sampling suggests elevated rare earth elements, zirconium and platinum and palladium. Additional sampling and mapping will be needed to determine the extent and tenor of mineralization on this large property. Following closing the Company intends to undertake mapping and geochemical sampling of the Jemi CRD/historic mining area to assess the extent and tenor of silver, lead and zinc mineralization. Mapping and geochemical sampling of the rare earth minerals area will also be undertaken to assess the extent and tenor of rare earth and platinum and palladium mineralization hosted in alkaline porphyry dykes.

Current stage-gate phase:  Property-level mapping and sampling (rock / soil)

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