Bralorne Regional


Discovery’s British Columbia, Canada properties are the Congress Property and Wayside and BRX Claims. These properties are not presently material to Discovery, which is focused on the exploration and development of its Mexican projects. The Congress Property and the BRX and Wayside Claims are located approximately 16 km north of the town of Bralorne. The Bralorne gold camp is one of British Columbia’s most significant gold producers, accounting for 4.3 million ounces of gold from high-grade epithermal veins. The Congress Property and the BRX and Wayside Claims properties are located in the northern extension of the Bralorne gold belt.

Congress Property

The Congress Property lies approximately seven miles north of the Bralorne Gold mine, which re-opened in 2011 and continues to operate. The following resources have been developed at Congress from three principal zones:

Howard 273,402 8.20 Inferred 72,178
Howard 25,909 11.40 Indicated 9,509

With the above resources and with significant ground unexplored, Congress is a prime prospect for economic mineralization. Both surface and underground work have defined at least ten gold zones. 

The above information regarding the Congress Property is taken from a technical report titled "Trenching, Drilling and Metallurgical Testing on the Congress Property” by David St. Clair Dunn, P.Geo. dated November 15, 2005. The information in this technical report remains current as Levon Resources (a subsidiary of Discovery) has not conducted any material exploration work on the Congress property since the date of the report.

BRX and Wayside Claims

The BRX and Wayside claims lie south of the Congress claims. The properties are largely unexplored, but they host geology similar to the Congress. Past exploration has encountered sufficient gold mineralization to warrant further exploration. 

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